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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Travel Hints from Slowtrav Founder

I've told you how much I enjoy the Slowtravel Web site and their sister site Slowtalk. I've been a part of their community for a few years now and every year founder Pauline Kenny adds more bells, whistles and real substance and makes both sites better and better. She recently shared some of her philosophy for enjoying travel at a "slow" pace. These are greats tips for anyone planning a visit to Italy:
  • Don't try to see Rome, Florence, Venice and Siena in ten days. Choose one or two vacation rental accommodations for a two-week stay. Plan some excursions in nearby neighborhoods or towns. Enjoy the simple pleasures of shopping for groceries and taking in the local culture.
  • Spend some time trip planning. Read the guidebooks, books written by expats living in the country, novels by locals. All these give you the "feel" for a place. Book a tour of a winery, or an art workshop. These are the "extras" that can make a trip memorable.
  • Think like a local. Avoid heavily toured sights during peak hours.Focus instead on visiting markets, parks, and neighborhoods.
  • If popular sites are on your must-see list, you can tour during off-hours. Staying in arental for a longer period affords you the luxury to have a stress-free vacation.
  • Above all, take it slow. Your vacation is all about you and yourcompanions. Don't feel bound by other travelers' rules. If you want to spendevery morning in the local café, do that. If you want to spend the daydriving and exploring, do that. There are many ways to vacation, find the one that you like best.


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