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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ten Things You Don't Know About Turin

In just a few weeks the eyes of the world will be turning to an Italian city that has long been overshadowed by its larger and better-known cousins. But as host to the XX Winter Olympics, Turin (or Torino in Italian) may finally be getting its day in the sun. Italians and foreigners alike often think of Fiat (the Italian carmaker) and Agnelli (the family who built the company) when they think of Turin yet, this city is hardly the Detroit of Italy. From world-class museums, to charming baroque architecture, to some of Italy’s best cuisine, Turin is a city of surprises. Here are some fascinating facts about Turin:
  1. Turin is considered a “city of magic.” Lying on the 45th parallel, Turin is, one of the three vertexes of the triangle of white magic with Prague and Lyon, and of the triangle of black magic with London and San Francisco. Other reasons: Nostrodamus lived here. The Holy Grail is said to be buried in Turin.
  2. Turin’s Museo Egizio holds the second-largest collection of Egyptian artifacts outside Cairo.
  3. This city is a chocoholic’s dream destination! Giandutto, a blend of chocolate, hazelnuts and sugar, and a pre-cursor to Nutella, was invented here. Sample the luscious offerings of chocolate-makers Cafferel, Ferrero and Stratta.

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