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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Is Naples Safe?

One of our contributing writers, Italian travel expert Jim Zurer, who wrote about Palermo in our special report on Sicily (Sept. 2005), lends his expertise on the safety of visiting Naples in today's Charlotte Observer travel section:

Jim Zurer, owner of Zurer Travel -- a Washington agency specializing in trips to Italy -- says the popular Piazza Garibaldi is also a spot in which to stay alert.

Zurer cautions, however, that a bigger safety concern than street crime is Naples' traffic. He warns pedestrians to be careful when crossing busy streets.

And while it's hard to avoid thinking about the city's reputation for organized crime -- a discussion most in the tourism industry tend to avoid -- Zurer says that tourists won't even notice it.

"I would liken it to Washington, D.C.," he says, "where drug gang activity, as far as it exists, is far from the tourist centers."

In the October 2005 issue of Dream of Italy, travel writer and cookbook author David Downie revealed The Best Little Pizzerias in Naples.


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