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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fire Up The 'Copter Dahling, We're Going to the Games

One thing that scares me about attending the Olympic Games -- the traffic! While officials are doing their best to limit car traffic anywhere near the event sites, I'm afraid these mountain roads just weren't made for moving crowds like this. That's why if you have the money, the best way to arrive at the Games is by helicopter!

If money is no object, Classic Vacations has just the package for you: stay in a private villa in Tuscany or Umbria and get to the events in and around Torino via helicopter.

From their Web site: "Depending on the villa selected, travelers can simply walk outside their door to the helicopter, eliminating additional transfer time to another location. The helicopter can accommodate up to five passengers, and offers breathtaking views of the regions of Tuscany and Piemonte during the two-hour trip. And same-day departures and returns mean vacationers can join the crowds for an event and retreat immediately afterwards to their secluded and peaceful home away from home."

No prices are listed on the site (how tacky would that be?) but I hear the package is priced at about $100,000. Does that include event tickets?


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