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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

CIA Team Stayed in Style While Working in Milan

Have you been following the news reports about the arrest warrant issued for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives who apprehended a terrorism suspect (Abu Omar) in Italy in 2003 and whisked him out of the country for questioning? According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, those CIA agents traveled in luxury while working in Italy. Italian prosecutors say the CIA spent "enourmous amounts of money" were spent (mostly in Milan) on lodging and food for its people. Here's a summary from the Tribune:

Number of operatives tracked: 20
Length of stay: From 5 to 42 days
Total room charges: $158,096.56
Where police say operatives stayed - Jan. 8-Feb. 19, 2003; amount spent at each for room charges:
Westin Palace $40,098.81
Principe di Savoia $39,995.36
Milan Hilton $21,266.67
Milan Marriott $17,089.29
Star Hotel Rosa $15,280.95
Excelsior Hotel Gallia $5,595.24
ATA Hotel Executive $4,951.19
Four Points Sheraton $4,928.57
Others $8,890.48


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