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Monday, June 20, 2005

A Very Special Italian Cruise

A once-in-a-lifetime trip has come to our attention -- offered by the National D-Day Museum, the Victory in Europe Cruise (on the luxurious Seabourn Legend) will explore the history of Italy's role in World War II by visiting important battlefields. This eight-day tour leaves from Nice, France sailing to Livorno (on the Tuscan coast) through the Tyrrehnian Sea, along the Amalfi Coast, ending in Rome. Stops will be made at Salerno, Pompeii, Monte Cassino, Anzio, Nettuno and other noteworthy places.

A distinguished group of authors, historians and WWII veterans -- including brothers Raymond and Irvin Wells, members of the 36th infantry division, former Air Force pilot Senator George McGovern, historical consultant Hugh Ambrose (son of author Stephen Ambrose), author Robert Katz and WWII war correspondent Peter Tompkins -- will lead the tour. These men will bring to life the unforgettable events of the war through a series of lectures, presentations, on-site accounts and even casual mealtime conversations.

Guests will also have the opportunity to explore other eras of Italian history along with way, through optional visits to art museums, monuments or perhaps by just strolling around a Renaissance town nibbling gelato and soaking up the rich regional culture.

The result is a singular/one-of-a-kind tour through Italy to discover the rich, yet haunting history of WW II in Italy, which forms the backdrop for the breathtaking culture and sights of Italy today. Keep in mind that all of this takes place on one of the most luxurious sea liners around—the Seabourn Legend, which accommodates only 208 passengers, making this a highly personal experience. The Victory in Europe Cruise runs October 16 to 23, 2005. The cost starts at $7,990 per person. – Cailin Birch, Dream of Italy editorial assistant


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