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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


This Dream of Italy adventure in blogging is paying off. We're mentioned the article, "What to Expect if You Go to the Funeral" in Tuesday's edition of USA TODAY!

The article also contains another place to look for last-minute travel to Rome -- religious tours:

"Another option is a tour. U.S.-based Regina Tours, which specializes in Catholic pilgrimages, is 'getting bombarded with calls. Fifty percent want to leave this week, and 50% want to go over later and take a shot at being there for the white smoke' signifying the election of the next pope, says Regina's John Peters. On Monday, Regina still had limited space on Rome tours leaving New York on Wednesday or Thursday, starting at $1,299 per person including airfare and five nights' hotel. "

We're mentioned on Gridskipper too. (If you're a travel nut and haven't seen this cool site, check it out!)


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