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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Special Message to Italians; Pope Price Gouging?

This is from my friend Maddie, a travel professional in Tuscany:

"Everyone who has an Italian cell phone got a message today from our Protezione Civile : If you are going to Rome today - please travel by public transportation."

"Striscia la Notizia is a satirical news program on every evening right after the news and one thing they have been doing is seeking out injustice, you know small everyday things. It's a program you can call to point out something bad, or not fair happening to you or your town or whatever.

Well last night their reporter went into a bar near the Vatican - where up til the Pope's death the price for a coffee ( for example) was .80 euros. Since the Pope's death they are charging 1,00 euro. So the reporter went in and asked the owner about - they practically shouted at him to get out of the bar - first said they had not increased - then they said they had merely done this because they couldn't give change for .80 cents. It ended that the owner's wife at the cashier - pratically pushed the reporter out of the bar ( after slapping him in the face) while he said to a few clients 'buon appetito.'"


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