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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sistine Chapel Ready for Conclave

The New York Daily News reports the Sistine Chapel is all set to go for tomorrow's start of the conclave. In fact, there's even a back up stove in case the primary one doesn't work.

"...the chapel is now outfitted with 12 tables covered with a simple brown cloth, and wood chairs padded with brown cushions. A small table, with a copy of the Gospels on it, is at the center of the room between the two rows of cardinals."

"The conclave is taking place in the front of the chapel, on a temporary, carpeted floor about 3 feet above the original, built to protect the tiles - and to give officials a place to put electronics designed to jam cell phones or any other attempts to eavesdrop on the proceeding."


Blogger Protourism said...

Today,the Sistine Chapel re-open to the visitors after the papal election.
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