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Friday, April 08, 2005

MSNBC.com and The Patience of Pilgrims

I've been trolling all of the online news sites this week and think MSNBC.com has had some of the best online coverage of the events in Vatican City. Their Vatican Watch blog has been a must-read for me. Their graphics are informative and clear. If any event calls for reporters to talk about how it feels to be covering something some monumental, it is this one and I enjoyed the Q&A with Brian Williams.

I'm back on MSNBC.com this morning and had no idea that my dear friend NBC News Producer Alice Rhee (we worked together straight out of college at ABC News) was in Vatican City until I read her lovely piece, "The Patience of Pilgrims." Viewers probably don't think much about the writing skills of people who work behind the scenes in television but in addition to Alice's tenacity and compassion, she's a skilled wordsmith. She keeps churning out some great stuff. I had been meaning to e-mail her about her piece on God and NASCAR.


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