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Friday, April 15, 2005

More on Pope Betting

It's late or early, however you measure 2 a.m., and did I mention that I've been working my tail off? But before retiring for the night, I surfed over to tradesports.com - damn the man who got me addicted to this (I'm still worried about going to hell -- but do note that I haven't put any $$ on this- if you are thoroughly confused, read below...)

The latest is there's now a third category related to the future Pope -- region of origin. Currently, Europe is the favorite at 1 in 1.5 odds. Latin America is second with 1 in 3 odds.

Cardinal Ratzinger is still the favorite in terms of individuals and as I am writing this, the boards have closed for an hour for end of the day processing (according to my live chat friend at tradesports), so I can't report the exact odds, but stay tuned...


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