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Monday, April 04, 2005

Further Reading

As much as I love the Internet, there is nothing like holding a real newspaper in my hands. You would think I would be tired of all of this Pope coverage, far from it. Last night, just before going to sleep, I opened The New York Times and read Robert McFadden's incredible (and multi-multi-page) obituary of the Pope, "All-Embracing Man of Action for a New Era of Papacy." It is an incredibly comprehensive analysis and report on what made the Pope tick, the highs and lows of his papacy and small details of his personal life. More than anything, McFadden's writing is breathtaking. I would stop and reread paragraphs, just because they were so beautifully written. As a writer, I wanted to get out a highlighter and mark these lyrical passages. Even though newspaper yellows, I will be saving this article for a lifetime.

Frequent Dream of Italy contributor, Bethanne Kelly Patrick, who is also AOL's Book Maven has created a list of books on Pope John Paul II and the papal transition.

I will be adding some of my own suggestions shortly, but my absolute favorite book on the Vatican (albeit about the physical structure and artistic treasures) is In The Footsteps of the Popes by Enrico Bruschini (I'll be writing about him and his expertise in some upcoming entries.


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