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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Finding Accommodations in Rome

Again, I remind you to CONFIRM any reservations you may have in Rome in the coming weeks.

Today, my friend Joe was doing some checking on hotel rooms available in Rome and he didn't find much. "I think you can report that Rome is now TOTALLY sold out. I've been pecking around today and find no availability anywhere," he says. I'm checking in with my contacts at various Roman hotels and will report back.

You might check with the B&B Association of Rome.

How about considering renting an apartment instead? Most are rented on a weekly basis, so even if you need one for just a few days, you are going to have to pay for a week. You can try to rent directly from an apartment owner. I can also recommend some current and former Dream of Italy advertisers (I know almost all personally) who have properties in Rome: Great Travels, Italian Breaks, Italian Vacation Villas, Italy My Dream, Kublai, Papavero Rentals, The Parker Company, Roman Homes.

If you're looking for other services in Rome, transfers, tours, etc. You may want to check in with Vatican Tours. Also, if you need a driver in Rome, our friend Giovanni is a dream!


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