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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The City of Rome Prepares for Influx of Pilgrims

Roman officials are expecting at least two million visitors for the Pope's funeral alone. According to MSNBC.com, the city "is preparing extra trains, fresh water supplies and thousands of beds" for the expected pilgrims. MSNBC.com also reports: "To help house the visitors, at least three sports venues, including Rome's Olympic Stadium, will be opened."


Blogger Karin said...

Thanks for posting such great information about the pope and his defined path for transition. Considering that we'll be in Rome in mid-May, I can't wait to see what happens!

11:32 PM  
Blogger jenny gardiner said...

Hi! As luck would have it, my daughter and I are flying into Rome for a long-planned vacation around 11:30 on Tuesday, just at the peak of the throng of pilgrims arriving for the Pope's funeral. We are picking up a (reserved) rental car and meeting friends and driving to Positano.
Any idea what we should expect in trying to fly into Rome that day? We fly from Dulles to Frankfurt (arriving aroun 7 am) into Fiumicino.
I'm now a bit worried about how this will all play out!
Also, we plan to spend the last two days of our trip (Monday 4/11 and Tuesday 4/12) in Rome. Should the crowds have dissippated, or will people stay on for the whole papal selection process?
thanks for your input!

11:05 AM  
Blogger Kathy McCabe said...

You should be okay picking up the rental car and driving to Positano. The last two days of your trip will fall between the funeral and conclave, so things will be calmer, but there may be crowds.

12:48 PM  

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