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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Alitalia Has Done It Again!

Lost luggage that is...My friend flew Alitalia from Washington Dulles to Prague with a change in Milan. I should have warned her, but I've been trying to block out the memory of flying through Milan on my way to a cruise beginning in Barcelona. My luggage was lost for not one day or even three days but EIGHT WEEKS. That's right. I took a three-week trip and never got my luggage. It was miraculously found somewhere in Europe and returned to me well after I got home. Luckly, my friend received her luggage in Prague a day after it went missing. But there's something about Alitalia and Milan that makes me want to scream out -- be sure to pack extra clothes and necessities in your carry-on bag! I'm not going to even get into the issue of the attitude when it comes to Alitalia employees. A quote from my friend's e-mail, "Do all Italians hate Americans, or is it just the people at Alitalia?"


Blogger Jamie Z said...

On a Alitalia flight back from our wedding in Florence, my husband was given a meal to which he was allergic. The fight attendants claimed they had run out of all the other meals and had nothing else for my husband to eat. The entire Alitalia staff was arrogant and rude. They should have picked a career path outside the service industry.

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